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The Windsor Probus Club welcomes You!



The Windsor Probus Club was established in October 1968.  We are a friendly group of retired men who meet monthly to enjoy a good meal, companionship and an interesting talk.  We are always looking for new members. Whether you are nearing retirement, newly retired or are retired, we look forward to hearing from you.

Please get in touch via our membership secretary Hans Kjaersgaard on 01753 857885

or email at


Chris Towler

Chairman, Windsor Probus Club 

What the Probus Movement Is All About

A PROBUS Club is a local association of retired and semi-retired PROfessional and BUSiness people. Clubs meet regularly for fellowship and do not have any political or religious affiliations.


Each club is autonomous and chooses its own rules and programme. Some clubs meet weekly, some meet monthly, some meet twice a month.  Some have coffee mornings with guest speakers, some have lunches or dinners. Many organise day trips and holidays to which partners and friends may be invited if the club so chooses.


Each club elects its own officers, typically a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer, speaker-finder and membership secretary.


PROBUS Clubs do not exist to raise money for charity, although some choose to run occasional fund-raising events.



Probus Club Support


The PROBUS movement has a magazine published quarterly and is designed as a forum for clubs to share experiences and seek or impart advice. The magazines are free to members. Probus magazine is the only publication published nationally for Probus members.


PROBUS clubs in the UK and Irleand also now have an 'umbrella' website:





The website offers resources such as a directory of speakers, table graces, outing and holiday recommendations etc. and each club may have its own information page free of charge on which it controls the content.


A 'chat' section allows registered users to ask for and give advice more quickly than through the magazine.

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